Will The Vacurect™ Work For Me?

Yes! The Vacurect™ will work even if you had a radical prostatectomy. In fact, many Urologists across the world recommend The Vacurect™ vacuum erection device to promote good penile health and to prevent atrophy.

Yes! We have customers that have diabetes and use The Vacurect™ with great success.

Yes! Erectile dysfunction is a side effect of many prescription medications. Whether you are treating High Blood Pressure, Vascular Disease, Heart Disease or you are just advancing in age, The Vacurect™ vacuum erection device can help you. 

If you've tried prescription drugs to treat your Erectile Dysfunction, including Viagra® or Cialis® but were unhappy with the results or side effects, The Vacurect™ vacuum therapy is a safe and effective alternative to treat your Erectile Dysfunction.


Absolutely! Regardless of what the underlying condition causing the Erectile Dysfunction, The Vacurect™ vacuum erection device will help you. Whether you are using The Vacurect™ to rehab a prostatectomy, rejuvinating the blood vessels from atrophy, or to achieve and maintain an erection satisfactory for intercourse, The Vacurect™ vacuum erection device is the answer you've been looking for.