The revolutionary new Vacurect™ ED pump is setting a new standard in Vacuum Erection Therapy and has already restored intimacy in thousands of relationships. The Vacurect™ is one-piece, efficient, easy to use, FDA registered, very compact and always reliable. Traditional vacuum erection pumps, even though they may be battery operated, are bulky, cumbersome, hard to incorporate during foreplay and not sexually appealing.

Regardless of the cause of ED, the Vacurect™ ED pump is successful in creating and maintaining an erection. There are no side effects when using the Vacurect™; it's safe because unlike medications or surgery, the Vacurect™ uses only natural erection processes without any harmful side effects. With the Vacurect™ you control when, how long, and how often you want to be intimate, and the Vacurect™ produces an erection suitable for intercourse in less than 60 seconds!



How The Vacurect™ Works

Step 1
Attach the tension system to the base of the cylinder by pressing firmly.


Step 2
Apply a dime size amount of personal lubricant on the index finger and apply to the glans head and shaft of the penis.


Step 3
Gently rest the tip of the penis in the opening of the tension system.


Step 4
Move the sleeve up and down the cylinder to create the vacuum; this will draw the penis through the tension system into the cylinder.


Step 5
After creating the erection, remove the cylinder from the tension system, leaving the tension system in place at the base of the penis.