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Your Sex Life Isn't Over

Your Sex Life Isn't Over

Vacurect is a quick, easy solution to erectile dysfunction. It makes sure when you're ready to go, so is your penis.

Vacurect is the quick, easy solution for erectile dysfunction. It makes sure you're ready to go... when you're ready to go.

Success Rate

Success Rate

Medications and injections fail up to 68% of the time, so when the time comes, you need something you can rely on. Vacurect creates and maintains an erection for 96% of men, regardless of the cause of their erectile dysfunction (diabetes, prostate, medication, stress, etc).

So imagine:

You and your partner are having a fun night, it’s getting intimate, she’s ready… but you forgot to take your medication or injection.

So now you play the waiting game, and the moment has kind of gone. You’ll be lucky if she’s still awake by the time it decides to start working.

However, with Vacurect, you can be ready to get down to business in just one minute. In just 60 seconds, you’ll have a full, long lasting erection.

Erect Within
60 Seconds

Handy +
Easy To Use

Convenient +
Easy To Use

Other vacuum erection devices are comprised of 5 of more parts. Unless putting puzzles together is your kink, that’s really not convenient. With Vacurect, you’re erect in just 1 minute.

The newly designed Vacurect is the only 1-piece vacuum erection system available. This makes it super convenient for both you and your partner to use – you could even make it part of foreplay.

Order with full peace of mind that you have 30 days to return the unopened product for a full refund.

Success Rate

30 Day Return Policy

"I just bought my first ever penis pump and it was a great...

I’d read endless reviews on the models available, and, personally, I’d recommend they go with the Vacurect OTC model 1002. It worked wonders for my ED, and it really helped to spice things up a bit in the bedroom for me and my wife. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, and the results last."

Vacurect, the only 1-piece vacuum erection device. It gives the almost-instant erection you need, when you want it.

Vacurect, the only one-piece vacuum erection device, gives you a near-instantaneous erection when you want it.

Vacurect Deluxe

"Whoever created this took the time to make it really easy to use. We absolutely love it."

Vacurect Deluxe

Vacurect Deluxe

  • 1 Vacurect Device
  • All 10 tension systems
  • Device oil - 59 ml
  • Body lubricant - 113 ml
  • Strawberry body lubicant - 113 ml
  • Discreet zip-up travel bag
  • Lifetime cylinder warranty


(VAT and delivery included)

"This is probably the only pump whose creators actually thought about ease of operation and natural use. We love it."

Vacurect OTC

"This is the best thing I’ve bought in years. Really easy to use and it absolutely does the job. I tried a battery one before and it was impossible to get it to work properly. If you have ED I’m telling you now – give this one a try. You won’t regret it. The Vacurect has been a real game changer for us."

Vacurect OTC

Vacurect OTC

  • 1 Vacurect Device
  • 5 most popular tension systems
  • Device oil - 59 ml
  • Discreet storage pouch
  • 1 year cylinder warranty


(VAT and delivery included)

"This unit is the absolutely best. Very easy to use and 100% effective. I previously owned a battery operated vacuum pump that was cumbersome and annoying to use. The Vacurect is quick and easy to use. If you suffer from ED I highly recommend this unit above all other vacuum systems."

See how it works...

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Vacurect?

Vacurect is a vacuum erection device. It works by gently drawing blood into the penis using negative pressure, thus creating an erection. The erection is then maintained using a tension ring.

Will it actually help me?

Absolutely. Regardless of the cause of your erectile dysfunction, the Vacurect vacuum erection device can help. Don’t just take our word for it, read some testimonials from our satisfied customers above.

Will it work if I have prostate issues or have had prostate surgery?

Yes. Even if you've had a radical prostatectomy.

Will it work if I am a diabetic?

Yes. We have many customers with diabetes who have found great success with Vacurect.

What if my erectile dysfunction is caused by prescription medications?

Erectile dysfunction is a side effect of many prescription medications.

Whether being treated for high blood pressure, vascular disease, heart disease – or if you’re simply getting on a bit in years, Vacurect can most certainly help.

What if medications haven't worked for me?

Medication fail up to 68% of the time. Vacurect has a 96% success rate. It's completely safe to use and is a highly effective alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Is Vacurect safe to use?

Unlike prescription medications and injections, there are no side effects with Vacurect. No headaches and no backaches.

How long will my erection last?

It is recommended you do not leave the tension system on any longer than 30 minutes at a time.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund within 30 days of delivery. Due to the nature of the product is must be unopened.

Does the price in clude VAT?

Yes, VAT is included in the price of the product.

How long does shipping take?

It will take 2-15 days once shipped, depending on the delivery method chosen.

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